Every donation to Partners Global will support courageous peacebuilders from around the world. In addition to mediating and transforming active conflicts, the peacebuilders in the Partners Global Network are working for “positive peace” by helping to create the institutions and structures that prevent violence from breaking out. 

Around the world, the Partners Global Network is preventing conflict by providing community leaders the tools they need to work together and find solutions. We are providing leadership training and coaching for women leaders to self-organize and lend their voices to local development. By offering social entrepreneurship skills and micro-funding for young people, we are helping to find youth meaningful employment through social causes and activism. In building partnerships with security sector institutions and human rights organizations we are conducting more meaningful dialogue to prevent crimes and violence. And we are actively involving citizens to monitor open elections and campaign promises to enhance democratic values and open societies. 

Everyone has a role in helping to build peace, not just the world’s leaders or trained professionals, but ordinary citizens.  

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